About Sopiva – the Finnish Association for Conciliatory Journalists

Sopiva, the Finnish Association for Conciliatory Journalists, is a registered association that was founded by some of the journalists who participated in the research project’s workshops. The aim of the association is to serve as a forum and a resource for journalists and other professionals of media and communication who are interested in discussing and developing further the ideas and practices of conciliatory journalism.


  • offers collegial support: discussion, development and distribution of best practices and experiences
  • organizes events, such as public meetings and lectures
  • offers consultation and education for newsrooms and other organizations 
  • offers support to, and participates in, research and development projects
  • applies for funding for such projects
  • collaborates with international partners to share local experiences and develop innovations

Sopiva board members

  • Mikko Hautakangas, journalism researcher, University of Tampere (chair)
  • Noora Kettunen, freelance journalist (vice chair)
  • Matleena Ylikoski, freelance journalist and journalism researcher
  • Laura Ahva, journalism researcher, University of Tampere
  • Zahra Karimy, high school student and journalist
  • Ninni Ahonen, media professional and content editor (vice member)

Contact us: yhdistys(a)sopiva.org and mikko.hautakangas(a)tuni.fi

Back row from left to right: Mikko Hautakangas, Anna Takala, Jarno Alastalo. Front row: Noora Kettunen, Ninni Ahonen.

Nordic Forum

Sopiva works with international partners to further the discussion about journalism’s social role, to share local experiences and to co-operate in developing journalistic practices and methods.We participate in the Nordic Forum for Social Responsibility in Journalism to organize international events and to co-operate with other networks and organizations. Check out the Nordic Forum’s website for upcoming events and other resources!